The Bacon Revolution

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I love Spam (the food). Its cheap, its tasty and its convenient. It’s grossly underrated. But it belongs on your plate, or in your stomach. In your lunchbox, not in your inbox. I hate spam (the email.) I think there has to be something better.

So I’m starting a revolution. It’s time to stand up against spam (the email).

But while I’m fighting against spam, I don’t want to neglect the things that I love. Like Spam (the food). So you can think of this blog as one part men’s lifestyle blog, talking about food, fatherhood and fitness (see what I did there), as well as anything else I find interesting, and one part online marketing blog, supporting good business practice, and ranting against the stuff the doesn’t work, alienates customers, and kills business growth.

So there you have it. Happy reading!


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